Victory Hants is a non-profit organisation based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Victory Hants Funded entirely through kind donations, the team of volunteers and participants provide inclusive sporting and leisure opportunities to adults aged 16+ in the community. Our mission is to raise confidence, build self-esteem and give opportunities to people who may feel they are excluded from society. Events and activities are offered to individuals with a history of homelessness, mental health issues, learning disabilities, physically disabled, from the LGBT community or are in recovery from substance misuse. Put simply, anyone who feels cast out from society is given the tools they need to fully integrate back into the community. Participants are encouraged to engage with community learning opportunities, training, work trials or volunteering opportunities. They are not forced to undertake work placements or pushed into anything, but through activities and with support, they are enabled to better their lives, themselves and their futures. Through sport and leisure, such as football, individuals are given a chance to build self-esteem, rediscover confidence and fully engage in community-minded events. The team-based activities encourage the participants to integrate into society. With daily football events, and other activities, participants are involved in a healthy training scheme that does much more than improve just their football skills.

So please Get In touch with us if you would like to donate to Victory Hants. you can contact us by Phone 07795361461

Together we can make a difference